Sunday, August 22, 2010

what is research?

- systematic investigation to find a solution for the problem
- Systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, and dissemination of information for the purpose of improve understanding and decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities
- Basically is a careful and diligent research. It can be investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision on accepted theories. Principal and laws in light of new facts. Or investigation to establish the new product, process and service.
- Research also can be stated as disciplines process of investigation and seeking fact that will lead researchers to find ultimately the truth about something.

Type of research

1. Research by purpose
Basic research
- Has primary aim to acquired deeper understanding on the topics.
- Proven to have application in long term
- Has no immediate and direct application
- Add new theories and explain phenomena
Applied research
- Conducted based on finding and theories of basic research
- Applying previous finding to new equipment, material, product
- Findings have direct application and commercialized.

2. Research by method
- Historical – example reconstruction the event lead to the failure of highland tower.
- Descriptive- survey, case study, contents analysis,
- Co-relational- relation between in situ test concrete with laboratory tested
- Experimental –prototype, simulation, model, computer

3. Research by data treatment
i. Quantitative- observation, secondary data, survey, experiment
Deal with qualitative data, hypothesis normally are develop, data collection using instrument such as questionnaire, use of statically analyze.
ii. Qualitative- total observation, participate observation, face to face interview, historical data analyze.

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